Artefacts packages

Tools of the Rainforest

Our most popular package by far! Tools of Rainforest features unique artefacts used by Rainforest tribes in Far North Queensland. 

Items: 20

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Torres Strait Artefacts

A range of artefacts found across the Torres Strait Island, incorporating dancing and hunting. 

Items: 18

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Children's Package

Newly launched in 2018, this package incorporates mini artefacts and soft toys in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. 

Items: 29

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Musical Package

Incorporating musical instruments used by both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Items: 14

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Rainforest Weapons

Featuring some of the weaponry used by the Rainforest tribes, these artefacts are true-size and come with label cards. 

Items: 7

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Plain message sticks

Perfect for cultural activities in groups. Buy for your school, camp or activity centre. Message sticks or boomerangs can be ordered unpainted, with guidelines to writing your very own message on the sticks.

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